Short historical overview

East European congress of dental implantation — is a story of success, which started in 2002. Audacious idea, initiated by Ukrainian Oral Implantology Association and its president — Myron Uhryn, has become not only absolutely new beginning, but also turning point, when Ukrainian implantology stepped to international level.

Professor C.Malevez (Belgium) and professor K.Kahnberg (Sweden) become patrons of this event, which was supported by a lot of world known opinion leaders, who realized importance of development and huge potential of this direction in young independent country.

We have raised the bar quite high from the very beginning — every new congress become more and more numerous. Our speakers are always professionals with world famous names. Speakers list for last 17 years includes outstanding professionals from different countries who shared their skills with Ukrainian doctors - Pascal Valentini, Filippo Fontana, Christoph Hammerle, Niklaus Lang, Karlo Maiorana, Domenico Massironi, Andrea Mombelli, Oleg Nashtatik, Ronald Jung, Stefano Palmieri, Giulio Rasperini, Andrea Ricci, Frank Renouard, Anton Sculean, Kshyshtof Sliwowsky, Enrico Shteger, Istvan Urban, Giovanni Zucchelli, Otto Zuhr and many many others.First congresses were focused exclusively on implantology. Later experience showed that implantologists need also in knowledges from other specialities. We have analyzed the status and issued new ‚three-in-one‘ concept and now our congress has three parallel thematic streams. Starting from 2007 the congress includes also specialized symposiums for prosthetic dentists and dental technicians, dental hygienists and young scientists and doctors and also numerous hands on courses. Multidisciplinary approach as a strategy for successful implantation become a key factor for our implant treatment philosophy.

Today we are on a new quality level, congress thematic concept includes the most important and relevant problems and is constantly developing. In 2019 we do additionally organize symposium ‚Sedation and anesthesia in dentistry‘ and Precongress on dental education.

The main tradition of our Congress — respond to the challenges of the time and demands of innovative implantology.

We are open to the world, open to knew knowledges!

8 East European Congress of dental implantation

Biological factors in implantology

7 East European Congress of Dental Implantation

Principles of evidence-based medicine in implantology

6 East European Congress of Dental Implantation

FUNCTION AND AESTHETICS biological and technical aspects

5 East European Congress of Dental Implantation

Multidisciplinary approach as a strategy for success

4 East European Congress of Dental Implantation

Quality of life and implantology

3 East European Congress of Dental Implantation

Innovations in implantology